Cats we have known, conveniently grouped.




French New Wave.

French New Wave: Wispurr, 2016 -

Introducing Wispurr:

Tiny love. Little precious one.





The New Originals.

The New Originals (AKA The Kitten Front), 2015 -

One Stocking and Trinket are the New Originals, A.K.A. the Kitten Front.

♥  Trinket

♥  One Stocking





The New Wave.

The New Wave, 2010 -

Pazuzu, Manservant Vexibus, and Kismet were the immediate successors of the Classic Cats and Secret Kitties. They later relocated to a shared living arrangement with the Originals to be joined later by the New Originals and Wispurr. So many kitties!

♥  Kismet

♥  Manservant Vexibus

♥  Pazuzu



The Originals.

The Originals, 2007 -

Tiggi, Furfur, and Ava are original inhabitants of the cats' current home, a space formerly shared with two others (Stanley Wood and Machete). After that living arrangement, they were joined by the New Wave and, later, the New Originals and Wispurr.

♥  Ava

♥  Furfur

♥  Tiggi R.I.P.


Secret Kitties.

Secret Kitties, 2000 - 2013

Shhhhh - these kitties are secret.

♥  Chupalay (Chupy's Lair)

♥  Macauly (Mikichan)

♥  Kittyface




Classic Cats.