LIFE:  2009 -


HOLIDAY:  New Year's Eve

PARENTS:  Unknown. Brought into the fold by Scooter, an orange tabby

NICKNAMES:  Zuzu, Zuzubear, Zuey, My Little Teapot

FAVORITES:  Petting, showing his rear end, head rubs, Vexibus, making new friends, playing, baths, flopping over, not being neutered (sorry Zuzu), and destroying paper. Also sleeping in dirt, by the trashcan, or under dusty things.

DISLIKES:  Furfur attacks, heights



Strawberry bed

BIO:  Born December 21, 2009. Acquired June 4, 2010. Pazuzu originated the New Wave clan: he was the first. Pazuzu is an interesting guy, possibly one of most interesting you'll ever meet.

Pazuzu arrived via Scooter, a neighbor's cat. One night Scooter brought a little kitten over to feed. Scooter was tame, but Pazuzu was quite feral. He lived under an El Pollo Loco dumpster where he grew strong from his daily diet of pure protein and tortillas. At this time in his life, Pazuzu's arms are said to have been equivalent to those of the cartoon character, Popeye. Scooter's owners did not want Pazuzu and he was ultimately trapped by a trail of luncheon meat and then he was petted and bathed.

Pazuzu was originally going to be re-released into the wild, but everybody who met him fell under his spell and wanted him to be kept. Pazuzu's coat is noteable for its characteristic shocks of white "lightning", displayed on his forearms.

With Beezel

With Trinket

With Wispurr

Shark bed