The Originals



The Originals in 2008: Machete, Tiggi, & Stanley Wood.

The Originals, 2006 -

Stanley Wood was the original Original, adopted in late 2006. Tiggi moved in during the first half of the following year. The two of them formed a very reluctant team until we determined a third cat (preferably not another dude, maybe a playful little girl kitten) was required to break the ongoing territorial tension between the two. That cat would be Machete, adopted in late 2007.



Later Additions: Furfur & Ava.



Front to rear: Stanley Wood, Machete, Tiggi.


The acquisition of Machete, did contribute to a more playful dynamic; and the group remained a trio until the additions of Furfur in 2009 and Ava in 2010.

The Originals thrived as a five cat operation until 2015 when Stanley Wood and Machete split off from the rest, returning the group to a trio (Tiggi, Furfur, and Ava). Later that year, Tiggi passed away, leaving just two Originals (Furfur, and Ava).

In 2010: Machete, Stanley Wood, & Furfur.


Four of the five Originals: Tiggi, Stanley, Machete, & Ava.

Another Original: Furfur.



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