Manservant Vexibus



Manservant Vexibus

LIFE:  2012 -


HOLIDAY:  Halloween, Christmas

PARENTS:  Unknown. Adopted from a shelter (came home sick)

NICKNAMES:  Vexy, Vexibuu, Vex

FAVORITES:  Ericka (only), fighting, smacking cats on the head, pouncing on the unsuspecting, cuddling zuzu, chasing kizzy, kisses on his head, ear scratches, being petted while eating, being picked up and rocked by Ericka.

With Pazuzu

DISLIKES:  All humans except for Ericka and Nan, being brushed, having his back petted, being held for too long or by anybody who is not Ericka.

BIO:  Born around Halloween, 2012. Acquired New Year's Eve, 2012. The kitty community was sad and suffering greatly after the sudden death of Manservant Heckubus. They needed to immediately acquire a new manservant. Shelters were combed far and wide, trying to find a suitable replacement. On December 22, 2012, Manservant Vexibus was selected from the throngs of black kitty hopefuls although it took more than ten additional days to finally bring him home. Vexibus was finally able to join the New Wave on Dec 31, the last day of 2012.

Vexibus came from a family of black kittens living in the OC Animal Shelter. They all exhibited a keen interest in destroying each other, but Vexi had the sweetest temperament.


On the bed

He was released from the shelter with terrible cold and things were very touch and go for awhile. Once he felt better, Vexibus quickly won over many hearts, including Nan's. While claiming to dislike cats in general, Nan considered Vexi her favorite kitten.

Vexibus immediately became best friends with Pazuzu and the two of them continue to love and trust each other like bros to this day. After about five months though, Vexi decided to start acting like a jerk, scratching many who would try to pet him. He continues to love his mother, but few others. He has recently decided Jon is ok when he (Jon) is asleep.

Manservant Vexibus rules over the other cats with an iron fist and silver claw. Only Furfur dares to challenge his dominion. Besides Zuzu, Vexi's greatest ally is Beezel the Pomeranian, who he sees as the muscle to his brains. Their great camaraderie is evidenced by Vexi's snuggling Beezel, whether he likes it or not. When Beezel goes out, Vexibus is always the first to greet him on his return, smelling him to learn of his travels.