LIFE: 2000/2002 (estimated) - July 16, 2015


HOLIDAY: Unknown.

PARENTS: Unknown, adopted off the streets of Santa Ana.

NICKNAMES: Tigger, Tig Tig, Tiggi Tuna, Tiggi Ta-Ta, Tigster.

FAVORITES: Laying on beds, stretching out his front legs like a sphinx, belly rubs.

Tiggi on the porch

DISLIKES: Living on the streets, noise, whining cats, people moving large objects.

BIO: Born 2000 - 2002 (estimated). Acquired April, 2007. Died July 16, 2015. Tiggi was a tough, robust cat with a giant head. He was living on the streets of Santa Ana (depicted here) after his owner died. We learned his name from some of the neighbors, who must have known him through his previous owner. They all called him, "Tigger" or "Tiggi." The first time I saw him, there was a ladder leaning against a house to provide roof access and Tiggi ran up the ladder very quickly and casually like he was running up a flight of stairs.

Tiggi always maintained his independence from the local colony of feral and near-feral cats who congregated around the area. He would not eat in a group with them and this probably contributed to his overall health. Tiggi would sleep underneath the house and apart from the other street cats.

Tiggi meets Stanley

Tiggi's previous owner probably lived in the room I was renting because Tiggi was tireless in attempting to gain access. He would constantly tap on the door and windows. Concerned for his long-term safety, we eventually took him to a vet to update his shots and make sure he was healthy before allowing him access to the room and his new roommate, Stanley Wood.

Tiggi and Stanley were not thrilled to be living together and would get into regular hissing/swatting altercations with each other. We later relocated to a larger apartment in Laguna Niguel and introduced Machete into the mix. The addition of a young playful female kitten broke some of the competitive tension and the three of them got along tolerably well, forming the core of the group that would come to be known as the Originals.

Sphinx pose

Tiggi was quite tough and used to get into regular fights with a large Tom cat (known as the Big Baller) who used to come around starting trouble and who once peed on our window (standing on the air conditioner outside) to mark his territory. As tough as he was on the streets, he was all about comfort and luxury once we adopted him. He definitely appreciated the security and relative pampering that comes with being an indoor cat.

Tiggi adored laying on the bed and he would do so for most of the day and all of the night. He would sometimes sit on a windowsill to enjoy the sunshine. One of our neighbors who sometimes passed by Tiggi's favorite window used to call him, "Ta-Ta", which she claimed meant, "Mama's boy". She would call out, "Where's Tiggi? Where's my Tiggi? He's such a little Ta-Ta! He's such a mama's boy"! She was crazy about him.

When he didn't need to live in survival mode, Tiggi got along reasonably well with everybody, but generally just wanted to be left alone in peace to enjoy being in his comfortable home.


Nobody's fool

Fun in the sun

Standing on a document

With Machete