The New Originals

The New Originals in a cat carrier.

The New Originals (AKA The Kitten Front), 2015 -

One Stocking and Trinket are the New Originals, A.K.A. the Kitten Front.

In mid-2015, we were adequately supplied with cats though we did not have a torti; so of course, when a family member told us about a mother cat and her kittens who been abandoned in his yard and mentioned one of the kittens was a rambunctious torti, known for climbing over the other kittens and her mother in order to eat first, we thought it was worth a six hour drive to adopt this precious little girl who we later named One-Stocking (changed from, "Charles").

In the spirit of two in hand being better than one in the bush, the acquisition of our new torti only underscored the absence of a siamese. Since One-Stocking's sister was siamese, we made arrangements to adopt her as well, but the sister was not as healthy as One-Stocking and unfortunately, despite medical intervention, did not survive. In her place, we adopted Trinket from a nearby shelter.

While Trinket is not siamese, we adored her and could not put her down. So, we still would not mind adopting a siamese at some point.

Learn more about Trinket and One-Stocking by visiting their individual pages:

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iMac cat bed.


First Thanksgiving.

First Christmas.

Waking up from another nap.




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