Kizzy box


Fluffy Tail Club



LIFE:  2013 -

AFFILIATIONS:  The New Wave, The Fluffy Tail Club

HOLIDAY:  Halloween, Thanksgiving

PARENTS:  Unknown. From a farm in San Diego.

NICKNAMES:  Kizzy, Kizzimetta, Kiki, Kizzikizzi, Ms Fluffytail, Miss Uni-Cat, 2016

FAVORITES:  Laying on stereo components, being near the television, heights, Furfur, being left alone by other cats, windows, catnip, laser pointers, gently biting people, fishy toys, sleeping by human feet, making gutteral whiny squeals, accompanying people to the bathroom, baths, drinking bathwater, biting toes.

DISLIKES:  Vexy, being disturbed.

BIO:  Born June, 2013. Acquired January 25, 2014. After the passing of Kashimira and Macauly, there was a pronounced need for a female cat presence in the house. In January, 2014, searches were conducted far and wide. While checking local shelter websites, Kismet's picture stood out from the masses, prompting a drive down South San Diego to meet her in person.

Since Kismet was a little bit older and possessed a definite attitude, there was some concern about her potential interaction with the other cats (her future brothers). After her introduction, she growled and hissed frequently for over two weeks but she eventually learned to love her brothers and enjoyed sleeping with them on the bed.

Kismet is the fanciest, most judgmental cat. She prefers to sleep on freshly cleaned clothes.

Kismet has always got along beautifully with Furfur, a cat who tends to bully all other cats he encounters. Besides her natural charm, we suspect the reason is that both Kismet and Furfur have beautiful fluffy tails which they seem to be quite proud of. Shortly after Kismet's introduction into Furfur's home, the two of them quickly formed the Fluffy Tail Club, a feline mutual admiration society.



Miss Uni-Cat

Window perch

Thanksgiving Pilgrim

Close up