The New Wave


The New Wave

The New Wave

The New Wave (Manservant Vexibus, Pazuzu, and Kismet) are aquainted with more cats than any other cats in their social circle. They have seen a lot of cat action.

They were successors of the Classic Cats & Secret Kitties and they pioneered a migration into what was formerly "Originals Territory."

Kismet & Pazuzu


Pazuzu and Vexibus

The two groups (Originals and New Wave) first met during 2013's Thanksgiving Event, merging permanently in March, 2015, when the New Wave officially colonized the Originals' home territory; a milestone from the standpoint of sheer numbers of cats.

New Wave cats tend to display more affection (or tolerance) toward each other in comparison with the Originals who tend to be less cooperative; possibly from their upbringing or other life experiences.

Zuzu Bathes Vexi



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