Secret Kitties



The Stinky Gang =
Secret Kitties + George.

The Secret Kitties, 2000 - 2013

Kittyface, Macauly, and Chupalay were the Secret Kitties, so named because they were rarely seen by visitors. The Secret Kitties were an elusive group of siblings. Houseguests considered themselves very lucky if they happened to ever actually meet one in person. To physically pet a Secret Kitty is said to have been on par with encountering a Unicorn. It was an extraordinarilly rare and magical experience.

When the Secret Kitties first arrived, they were all adopted by George who was concerned at hearing them meow under the bed. Despite being a male, George would let the Secret Kitties nurse on his belly for years. The Secret Kitties + George were collectively known as the Stinky Gang.

The Secret Kitties are commemorated on their original tribute pages, linked below:


Chupalay: Chupy's Lair

Macauly: Precious Miki


Kittyface: Kittyface Forever





The Secret Kitties.





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