Cat Thanksgiving, 2014

A merging of the tribes.

Cat Thanksgiving, 2014.
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Cat Thanksgiving, 2014

In November, 2014, the stars aligned in such a way that the New Wave would visit the Originals at their home over the Thanksgiving holiday.

At that time, the Originals were a five-cat group which included today's three members plus two additional tabbies: Stanley Wood and Machete.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to make their first shared Thanksgiving special, Ericka created traditional Thanksgiving costumes to dress them in.

Of course, the Originals would be dressed as natives since the event was taking place on their turf. Similarly, the New Wave would dress as pilgrims as they were the newly arrived visitors. This would be a Thanksgiving to remember.


Thanksgiving Dinner.

Ava (top) & Tiggi (bottom).

As always, Beezel Bear, a very enthusiastic and cat-friendly Pomeranian, was tagged to participate as well. He would be dressed as a Pilgrim and he played the role with gusto.

In these early days, the Originals were not at all comfortable hosting a dog in their home but over time they have learned to appreciate, or at least to tolerate his presence.

Cat Thanksgiving, 2014 truly manifested the spirit of the holiday. It was a magical time. Food was shared, boundaries were tested, friendships rivalries were forged, and everybody looked great.


Enticing Vexy to participate.






Manservant Vexibus.













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