Cat Thanksgiving, 2006



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Cat Thanksgiving, 2006

In 2006, I was renting an inexpensive room in Santa Ana with a large population of borderline feral cats living on the property who would frequently come around looking for food. It was actually quite sad as many of them were sick and they would be constantly re-infecting each other with colds and other illnesses. They were all very thin and destined to have pretty short life spans living on the streets. We did rescue one of these cats, Tiggi, but did not have the resources at the time to save them all.

On Thanksgiving, 2006, we prepared a family-sized meal for just two people, so after we ate our fill and put aside some leftovers, we decided to share the rest (turkey, stuffing, etc.) with the cats outside.

Congregating on the porch

Cat Thanksgiving, 2006, was a true holiday for the starving kitties who were congregating outside our door. I remember there was a light sprinkling of rain and kitties were already sheltering themselves on our porch. When the thanksgiving dinner came out, cats started running out from behind trees and dumpsters. The most domesticated of them feasted immediately. When we moved everything over by the dumpsters, they were joined about probably twice as many secret felines who were hiding in the shadows.

Everybody was able to eat their fill and I've never seen a turkey carcass picked so clean in so short a time span. Happy Thanksgiving!

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