June 1999 - April 2005


Kittyface Day is celebrated annually on easter weekend by those who loved her.


Ericka and George


Kittykittyface, Kittybear, Whiptail, Faceyface, Digger, Prettyface, Pritten, Froggyface, and Froggy.


Food, scritchey scratches, digging, her lilly pad, nursing, ass smacking, and food.


Living outside covered in fleas and pet carriers.


Together with her brother Chupalay and her sister Macauly, Kittyface left the outdoors and her feral parents behind to come live in Kittyland with Ericka. As a kitten she was covered in stripes. As she grew to love food, she grew too. Her body got rounder and rounder, her neck got shorter and shorter, and her beautiful stripes slowly stretched and faded away.

Kittyface blended in well with the other kitties. She looked like the offspring of the silvery Kashmira and the portly George. Perhaps her familial appearance made her less secretive than the other Secret Kitties®. She certainly had a much more relaxed attitude than the nervous Miki or the stealthy Chupy. Kittyface was probably the scout for the Secret Kitties®. She spent much of her time with them, but came out to see people sometimes, especially for petting and butt scratches. She loved petting so much that she'd wildly paw at the ground in a funny digging motion while she got pet, earning her the nickname Digger. When not hiding or being pet, she was often seen laying squished down on her flat green lillypad-like pillow, thus earning her the nickname Froggyface.

Kittyface's life was happy but tragically short. Carbon monoxide made her and the other kitties sick in March 2005. The others recovered, but Kittyface, who's odd weight and size hinted that she had genetic problems, was not strong enough. She went into hiding and stopped eating. Hecky was making many many trips to the veterinarian for his urinary tract and monkey paw at this time, so Kittyface's absence went unnoticed long enough for her to lose too much weight and become very very ill. She died in April 2005 of probable kidney and liver failure. She will be remembered for her happy kitty digging dances, her missing stripes and neck, and her silly froggy faces. We'll miss her always.