Stanley Wood

Stanley Wood

Stanley Wood

LIFE: 2004 -


HOLIDAY: Groundhog's Day

PARENTS: Unknown. Was found in a shelter in Santa Ana.

NICKNAMES: Stan, Jasper, Turkey Blue, Mackerel, Woodrow.

FAVORITES: Sandra (only), cat nip (addicted), hunting insects, trading treats for head butts, being left alone.

DISLIKES: People (except for Sandra) - especially white males, noise, inconvenience.


Sneaking treats

BIO: Born 2004. Acquired October, 2006. Stanley Wood is a grey mackerel-patterned tabby from a Santa Ana shelter where he lived with the unfortunate name, "Turkey Blue" (formerly "Jasper"). In the shelter, Stanley was known for hiding underneath his cat bed to avoid having to interact with people. He did not generally seem to like anybody except for Sandra. He had been adopted on at least two other occasions but was returned both times after not acclimating to his new environments or owners; so Sandra felt it was her duty to adopt him. She was his only hope.

Turkey Blue was adopted in October, 2006 and re-named, "Stanley Wood", after a car dealership. Upon arriving at his new home, Stanley hid under the bed for days. After ultimately finding a comfort zone, he went on to live with the other Originals for years until splitting off to live with Sandra and Machete in 2015. In recent years, he started sleeping on his back more and more. Now he ONLY sleeps on his back. In the middle of the room.

Standing around

Stanley Wood is a beautiful cat with an appealing symmetrical head to match his high intelligence. For many years, he was able to maintain an ideal weight while eating pretty much anything he wanted. He naturally regulates his food portions and does not gorge himself to the point of vomitting, unlike Machete. He is adept at hunting and loves catching insects. He will frequently catch a flying insect with one swipe of his paw. His eye/hand coordination is excellent. Stanley loves cat treats and will entertain people by standing on his back legs and headbutting their hand to persuade them to share.

Stanley can have a very expressive face. He often stares at people like they are idiots. He is very particular and is easily annoyed and inconvenienced. He is quick to hiss.

For an average person dropping by the house, Stanley Wood does not exist. He will make sure nobody sees him if he does not wish to be seen.


Bug hunting

Reindeer hat

With Santa